Thursday, January 20, 2011

Livable Spaces

While perusing one of my favorite websites, One Kings Lane, I came across this eye-popping space by Katie Lydon...

I think I love just about every piece of furniture and accessories used. It has the perfect blend of cool and comfortable colors with the funky zebra print ottoman to give the room some style. I love the calming green faux linen walls and the way the light shines through the linen shades giving them a pinkish glow.

And, while I couldn't stop there I did a bit more research on Katie Lydon I found another space in the same home that caught my eye as well...

These cabinets are extraordinary. The contrast she created in the floor and stainless steel dining table and chairs is stunning, to say the least.
I love the simplicy of both of these spaces and how livable they actually are. Often times I find myself questioning if a space is actually livable or just for looks, and with these spaces I could actually see myself in them. In fact, I'll move in right now! 

Living Room, photo: One Kings Lane
Kitchen, photo: Katie Lyndon Interiors

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